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Accessories are always needed, such as for the protection of the expensive product or as decoration. We at Nimex Group carry various sorts of accessories including iPhone and iPad cases. Moreover, in our company we cover and sell all the products on the market that are in demand including the popular Samsung Galaxy and Motorola cases. However, we don’t just stop here.

Nimex Group, Inc. has plenty of assortments of products such as Bluetooth, Headsets, Keyboards, Mouses and Speakers that always keeps us busy.

Most of our inventories are brand names that either comes as Retail or OEM bulk packaging. Nimex Group customer base is very selective and any customer that wants to build relationship with us must go through an application process. We strive for quality and we deliver the products to our customers as needed. Our goal is to beat the expectation and provide the best customer service possible. Each of our customers has a specific representative with whom they deal with and Nimex Group takes care of each and every one.