What we do

Our Business Clients

Nimex Group customers include Ecommerce Retailers, Brick and Mortar, and Wholesale Distributors. Each group concentrate on a specific goals and we tend to manage this goals very carefully but making sure the buyer and seller benefits in this competitive market.

Reverse Logistics and Excessive Inventory

One of the concentrated operations in Nimex Group business strategy is Reverse Logistics and Excessive Inventory sector. We believe in asset recovery and the product value. We handle vast amount of returns of unsold or damaged goods and refurbished them in our state-of-the-art facility. Nimex Group have developed a quick, efficient and cost-effective method by bring the product to its life. We are always looking for new supplies of such goods and to build a close relationship with such companies.

Additionally, we buy any excessive inventory or stuck-in-transit merchandise. If you are a company that has excessive inventory to sell, feel free to contact us and we will gladly discuss the opportunity with you.

Take All Inventory

Supply and demand, that’s our goal and object in the business deals. Therefore, we usually like to take-all inventory and leaving us with the burden of handling the merchandise.

Return Process

We are very flexible with our return process and work with the customer to make sure satisfaction is reached. Nimex Group has a return policy and is committed to excellence.